Early Launch

When is an excellent time to launch a project?

Some people advise launching as early as possible. Just have a domain (or not), create a simple page where you explain the project, publish, and start talking about it.

Others advise waiting until you have some prototype or MVP or a tiny utility or value you can offer.

I think context also matters:

  • What kind of product or content do you have?
  • Is this part of an established brand, or are you launching a new brand?
  • Is this a side project or part of an existing company?
  • The audience that you are trying to reach?

Why launch early?

Write about the journey while building the project

In my case, this project is a side project, and my idea is to launch it as early as possible because I plan to write about my journey while building it. To be part of the #buildinpublic movement.

I liked following some people sharing their stories as they built their side projects.

Writing about technical or product problems as I encountered them is valuable, and this is what I plan to do. First, it helps me clear my thinking and simplify, adjust, and find solutions; second, it might inspire others who may have problems or explore similar paths.

Early feedback

Launching early helps me get early feedback. That is a very valuable input to have when building a product.

Also, the launch of a project can alleviate the pressure of having a perfectly polished release.

This allows me to concentrate on small iterations and, when paired with writing and early feedback, enables me to release early and iterate instead of waiting for a significant feature to be completed and guess what possible users might want.

Current project status

The current status of the project: Building the platform and the

Thus, today is a good day to launch this. As good as any other day!

Wish me luck!

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